Founded in 2011, TK-Teollisuusasennus Oy specializes in the management and execution of industrial piping and machinery installation projects.

Customer-oriented and flexible

We go through the project together with the client and complete it on the agreed schedule. We carry out the work primarily at the client's premises or project locations. The geographical location of a project doesn't limit the availability of our services because we have over 20 years of experience working on projects located in different countries.

Comprehensive expertise

We provide our clients with full utilization of our expertise. We take part in helping our clients with piping and machinery installations from start to finish: from the project's supply bidding to carrying out its final technical documentation according to the client's needs.


Due to our large professional network, we are able to provide skilled site and installation managers, supervisors and foremen for repair and construction projects in the process industry.

Our skilled and experienced industrial installation supervision ensures that the quality and functionality of the installed piping will last for years to come.

Our IWI services:
  • commissioning and supervising destructive testing (DT)
  • commissioning, ordering and supervising non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • knowing and applying welding industry standards in production
  • knowing and interpreting DT and NDT standards
  • negotiating at inspections about inspection requirements, applicability and the selection of inspection procedures
Our IWS services:
  • qualifying welders
  • the supervision of production and welding procedure tests
  • verifying welding procedure specifications (WPS)
  • working as a welding coordinator and ensuring that products match orders and specifications

The goal of technical documentation is to verify the validity and traceability of materials and weldings used in the project. The documentation can be done at the client's location or/and remotely from our office.

We offer skilled technicians and welders for both national and international projects.


Get to know our projects

Porsgrunn: Norsk Hydro, 2003-2004
Porsgrunn: Aker Brevik: 1998-2003
Molde: Norsk Hydro, 2006

Stockholm: Fortum/Skoda/Orab Entreprenad, 2015
Växjö: VEAB/Orab, 2013-2014
Skärblacka: BillerudKorsnäs/Orab, 2012-2013

Törva: Helme 2012

Smiltene 2012

Philadelphia, 2007-2008

Kent: Metso 2010


TK-Teollisuusasennus Oy

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